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nOt LikE yOu


GeT iNs!dE | cHeWiNg GuM | i LoVe YoU | We aRe FaMiLy | CoOl PeOpLe | BiTe Me | cLiCk mE
i LoVe YoU
This is for the people that I love.

Wierd guy, but I love you boy!!! I know you don't like people knowing much about you (keep it on the low low) so I'll keep this short. Thanks for being you and doing what you did. You know what I mean!!

My best friend since 8th grade. You think you are so cool don't you? Love you Weger!!!

How do I even begin with you?!? You are my best friend and my heart. Thanks for never giving up on me. I love you boy!! kisses